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1. Online service payment like doctor appointment is not refundable because appointment token number is not passed on to other patient it is your wish to book a doctor appointment not forcibly done by anyone. The Appointment taken by patient can be changed only for one time kindly make sure your availability and also reports availability before fixing the date of appointment.

2. One month medicine is free for online patient is decision of our institution which can be changed or make any of the changes are to be made is in the hands of institution.

3. All medical preparations are based on pathogenesis criteria and according to sign and symptoms of the patient. So once it is prepared that is the medicine is prepared can not be taken back or if being paid is not be refundable.

4. Homeopathic medicine do not have any side effects we use mother Tincture and the potency for the medicinal preparation.

5. Our service is delivered by not any one person but by team work.

6.The medicines used in this service are Homeopathic medicines but are homeopathic combinations.

7.We do not guarantee any outcome of treatment including any specific time frame for the duration of the treatment as results can vary from person to person.

8.Homeopathic treatment is supportive treatment not emergency treatment .

9.The payments made against this service package are not usually refundable in part or full after you have received the first communication from our team .

10.Our clinics are private clinics. We can discuss your illness with you and how we analysis you after case taking & discussion. We will explain our prices to you which will depend upon the illness we have to treat.

11.It will be fixed for a course of treatment, plus the cost of remedies, patent added to your accessory complain.

12.Our treatment can be taken along with other treatments.

13.Our mobile application Ayushmaanbhava Patient App is promotional referral points are given to patients its aim is to make people connect with digital services or online services only.

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